Wandering into Kandy's Past

Stroll through the halls of history, to a time where perhaps the most strongest kingdom in the island's history prevailed. Should you decide to explore this breathtaking city away from the confines of the resort, a world of enchantment awaits, inviting you on a journey back in time.

Here, the heart of traditional Sri Lankan culture lies, an experience not to be missed. As the last stronghold of the island's monarchy, Kandy is recognized as a beacon of pride among locals, showcasing a tapestry of qualities that define the city's character. Its legacy, although centuries passed, remains strong to this day, evoking a sense of victory over the colonial rule. Capturing the glory days of the former royal kingdoms are a string of enigmatic attractions, painstakingly preserved to maintain its original allure. Despite its surrender to the British in 1815, in its clutches, this historic city holds the bygone traditions of earlier civilizations - in architecture, cuisine, art, theatre, dance and attire.

A visit to the the Temple of the Tooth will bring you to a spot more revered by locals. Sri Dalada Maligawa, as it is often called is the most significant Buddhist temple in the island. Discover remarkable architectural feats along with intriguing art as you leisurely traverse the peaceful grounds. For the inquisitive traveller, this would be the ideal opportunity to learn more about the local culture as worshippers regularly visit this temple, seen meditating before the temple’s sacred treasure.

Venture further into the city and behold more architecturally and spiritually striking temples. From the Maha Devale dedicated to Vishnu to the six-headed, peacock-throned Kataragama, these temples have been masterfully made and are noteworthy attractions that reflect the Hindu culture of Sri Lanka. Definite showpieces are the Embekka Temple and Lankatilake Temple, renowned for their intricate sculptures, impressive carvings and stunning architecture.

As a destination that resonates the cultural richness of Sri Lanka, it is no wonder that with a simple utter of the word "Kandy", it brings to mind the history of the island. Nestled in the cool climes with sprawling tea plantations, mountainous hills and emerald-green landscapes, there is no better way to relive the glorious past than at Kandy.