Amaya Hills | The Revelry Of Dance

The Revelry of Dance

Hear the rhythmic beating of the drum as dancers, bedecked in extravagant costumes perform in front of you. Gentle at first, the music picks up and the dancers transform into fury of movements - all in perfect sync with each other. The music builds up, adding to the already ignited atmosphere - a blend of traditional instruments and ritualistic movements as you watch in awe with your loved ones.

According to legends, the origins of dance in Sri Lanka lies in the form of exorcism rituals. Performed by shamans, dance was touted as a way of expelling evils - a practice which was later developed into an intricate art form. The height of its patronage extended from the 16th to 19th century and passed down through royal courts from one generation to another. Incorporating facets of Hinduism and Buddhism, it was born from indigenous spiritual practice but today it has fostered into a range of styles stemming from beliefs and traditions.

Highly-praised for its artistic elements and elaborate moves, this dance form is considered prestigious in Kandyan culture, one that is tightly wound at the heart of Kandyan aesthetics. Extravagant costumes pairing with dazzling embellishments complete the attire of the dancers - leaving you in admiration of its stunning details. Should you prefer to catch a glimpse of Kandyan dances, we've dreamed up the right setting for you to enjoy a night of enthralling entertainment. Sit back, relax and enjoy a slice of Sri Lankan culture as the dancers bewitch you with bursts of energy, bold and quick movements, intricate spins and leaps through the air.