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Romantic Travellers

Romance abounds at Amaya Hills, where couples can share unforgettable experiences in an atmosphere heightened by lush surroundings. Enjoy a quiet picnic along picturesque gardens, set off on a thrilling hiking adventure together or wander beyond the resort and discover the hidden treasures of Kandy.

Romance in Kandy

Serenade your loved one at this enchanting hill-top resort, offering a range of activities for couples.


Dinner for two

Picture yourself and a loved one enjoying a delicious meal against a stunning backdrop. An elegantly-decorated table sets the mood for a sumptuous dinner, pairing with flickering candlelights and a glass of the finest champagne. Enjoy sprightly conversation with your partner as the evening turns into night, making way for a canopy of stars. From one delectable dish to another, a personal butler will intuitively set beautifully-presented culinary creations on the table, while filling up your champagne glasses. Whether its along the poolside or a picnic on the gardens, enthralling views of soaring mountains follow.



Embark on an unforgettable adventure and explore the lush Hanthana mountain range surrounding the resort, known for its remarkable fauna and flora, pleasant climate and breathtaking surroundings. With advance notice, we can arrange a scenic expedition for you and your partner to enjoy. Traverse through winding pathways and marvel at green-blanketed mountains in the distance.



Take in the vibrant colours of a tropical sunset at our outdoor terrace. Located just outside the main restaurant, the terrace overlooks magnificent mountains and luxuriant valleys of Kandy. Pair your meal with a glass of wine and sit back, relax and enjoy a sunset with your loved one.


A day at the spa, rejuvenate together

Experience the power of Ayurveda when you book a relaxing therapy at the spa. From refreshing facial treatments to invigorating body treatments, a range of options await - ideal for you and your loved one, should you decide to spend a day simply being pampered at the hands of an expert masseuse.


Afternoon plunge in the pool

Immerse yourself in the cool embrace of refreshing waters and enjoy the island's tropical sunshine with your partner. If you would like something light to snack on, the pool bar is located close-by coupled with the service of our gracious staff who will tend to your every need. Spend the whole afternoon languishing in the pool or soak in the sun rays on a comfortable sun bed with a tropical juice in hand. Whatever you choose to do - enjoy unforgettable moments with your loved one away from the cares of the world.


Cruising on nuwara wewa

Set off on a boat ride along Nuwara Wewa or Kandy Lake, where birds settle on lush tree-tops. Be enthralled by the lush greenery and enjoy a tropical sunset with a loved one. Should you choose to explore, take a stroll along the lake and capture vibrant birds in their natural habitat.With advance notice, we can plan a scenic boat ride for your and your partner to enjoy.


Breakfast in bed

Start your morning with an extravagant breakfast in bed. Tucked in the comfort of your room, you can choose from our breakfast menu and plan a special breakfast for your significant other. Show how important they are by surprising them with a hearty breakfast from french toast to fresh fruits to freshly-baked croissants.