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Amaya Hills Pool

Overlooking lush forested hills, the resort's spacious poolside presents a cool retreat in a charming setting. Discover a layer of luxury at this breathtaking resort as our gracious staff tend to your every need - be it a refreshing glass of chilled tropical juice or a simple mouth-watering delight.

Open Hours

Every day: 7:30 am - 9:30 pm

Take a break from your adventures and languish your afternoon by the side of the pool. Plush chaises lounges create a comfortable oasis for those who wish to lay under the island sun and work on their suntan. Swim some invigorating laps or just float along pleasant waters - all while enjoying spectacular views at a vantage point.

The perfect reprieve for fitness or relaxation, the pool is stunningly positioned at the meeting point of the resort’s three wings and affords enthralling views of tropical sceneries. Savour the sublime sensation of cool waters, enveloping you in a pleasant embrace.

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