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Raswasala Restaurant

Dine at our open terrace, overlooking stunning views of lush mountains. Should you decide to stay indoors, traditional motifs and wall hangings of Kandyan spears set the stage for a delightful experience along with distinctive mahogany chairs woven with rattan in original designs. Drawing upon classic culinary techniques, everything at our restaurant is prepared with fresh local ingredients pairing with newer, lighter cooking styles. Savour bountiful breakfast buffets or modern interpretations of Sri Lankan cuisine - all within the comfort of an elegant setting.

Open Hours

Every day:    6:30 am - 9:30 am
Every day:    12:30 pm - 2.30 pm
Every day:    7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Theme Nights

Chinese Night
Sri Lankan Night
Italian Night
International Buffet
Indian Night
Mexican Night
BBQ Night


Buffets are laid out for every meal with an option for personal preference through a wide variety from the a’la carte menu.

Our favourite, Kanda Uda Rata Bojun (typical Sri Lankan rice & curry), grilled darne of seer Rasawasala style.

The Terrace

Look on as soaring peaks of forest-covered mountains disappear into a cloud of mist as you dine on inspired specialties that highlight Sri Lankan traditions. This elegant open-air section of the restaurant offers majestic views of surrounding nature, sumptuously decorated to offer just the right mix of sophistication and intimacy for the most memorable occasion. In the evenings sip on a cocktail and enjoy eclectic fare as you watch the deep-orange sunset over the mountains.

Quick Reference

Lobby level


Casual resort attire, footwear required