Ceylon Tea Time

If there is one element that captures the Hill Country experience, it is Ceylon tea. Translating to "thé" in the native language of Sri Lanka, these delicate black-gold beads make up a large part of the island's history, tracing back to the colonial rule in the 18th century. Continuing to be produced in a large scale, Amaya Hills makes the precious leaves the centerpiece in the warm, inviting atmosphere of the Tea Lounge.

Should you decide to savour some of the finest Ceylon tea, a visit to this plush lounge will present you a range of flavours - designed to appease to your taste buds. From Earl Grey to Cinnamon Spice, from Berry flavoured to Green Tea, there is much to discover, taste and enjoy. Paired with the quiet, unobtrusive service, our staff will enrich your evening by tending to your every need.

Wafting through the air, the gentle yet aromatic flavour of tea is bound to soothe you. Setting the stage for a quiet respite are comfortable, plush sofas. Languish your evening with a cup of warm tea and enjoy sprightly conversation with your loved ones. If you are travelling by your own, simply relax within a cocoon of perfect serenity where the only sound heard is the clink of your own cup.

Tempt your appetite with light snacks - from a warm batch of cookies to a delectable cheese cake. Owing to the culinary creativity of our talents chefs, an experience such as this can be easily arranged. Look forward to an evening defined by a sense of quietude, along with rich, pure flavours of Ceylon tea.