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Built in 1997, Amaya Hills is one of the finest resorts in Kandy, offering guests an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Rising from the bedrock on which it lies, the resort resonates a timeless design - a combination of regality and breathtaking nature. Intricate, yet charming elements of Kandyan culture make up its extravagant interiors, showcasing remarkable antiques and trinkets to a dramatic effect. Beautifully incorporated into the layout of the resort is its surrounding nature - lush tropical trees, fragrant blooms and vibrant bird-life pairing with enthralling views of the forest-covered Heerassagala mountains - a view which can be seen from any room of the resort. Take a refreshing dip in the turquoise pool or lounge on the pool deck with soaring hills stretched out before you like a picturesque canvas. Majestic in all its finery, the resort is enhanced by a plethora of services such as a luxurious swimming pool, a spa featuring Ayurvedic treatments, a fitness centre and restaurants specializing in international and local cuisine. Explore a number of attractions when you stay at Amaya Hills from the magnificent Sigiriya Fortress to the luxuriant Peradeniya Gardens.

Service Culture

The culture of Amaya Hills is defined by an unwavering commitment to perfect hospitality. It is a valued practice, one that is ingrained in all our employees as a way of establishing uncompromising service standards to our guests.

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Commitment to ethical culture

As close-knit team of hospitality professionals, we are dedicated to nurturing the ties within our community. In all our interactions, our focus is on carrying out business initiatives that strengthen the community while staying true to our corporate ethics and culture. These set of principles highlight who we are, what we do and how we go about doing our work. It guides us to make the right decisions while mitigating negative impact on the community and the environment.